Lindiwe leaves scandal in her own way

Lindiwe leaves scandal in her own way

Nomvelo Makhanya is leaving the soap opera after nearly a decade of portraying Lindiwe Ngema, the sister of Lindiwe Maseko’s character Lindiwe Maseko.

The 10th of November will no longer have the same significance in Mzansi after this.

The teasers suggest that Lindiwe will pass away after she made an unsuccessful attempt to save her baby despite the fact that Doctor Mugari warned her not to.

this young woman has been acting in scandal for quite a long time. You can see that scandal has reshuffled most of its actors, most of the old actors that we know they have left and replaced with the new ones. We would want to admit that it has been doing well since the change though people were worried when their old favourite characters were going.

It seems like scandal is not done yet with replacing old characters. As you can see that this is one of them that is going, Lindiwe. I wonder what the soap will be like when the old characters are replaced because people were now familiar with them.

Now, on the show, Lindiwe is pregnant and will be forced to abort her child because she has some pregnancy complications; however, she chose to go against the advice of her doctor and have the abortion anyway.

Nhlamulo will take the blame for having persuaded Lindiwe to take her own life. Tensions are going to rise, and there is going to be even more drama.

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