Lindiwe Ngema has no plans to return to acting after leaving Scandal! on

Lindiwe Ngema has no plans to return to acting after leaving Scandal! on

cast member Nomvelo Makhanya has stated that she has no plans to return to television. The actor, who has played Lindiwe Ngema for nearly a decade, is now focused on achieving her goal. People started talking about the actress who earned a SAFTA award after she departed the show Scandal. It was difficult to watch her horrible death and funeral, which lasted for almost three days, and people still bring up how she left the show in online discussions.

There were many happy tears shed because of Lindiwe Ngema. The tiny yet stunning and gifted Nomvelo Makhanya has more important things to worry about in the real world.

Nomvelo “Lindiwe” Makhanya will not be returning to daytime dramas anytime soon.

It was stated that the actress made her announcement during a live question-and-answer session on Instagram. As IndAfrica pointed out, even if Makhanya does return to television in the near future, it will only be for a limited amount of time.

To paraphrase, “I have no interest in joining the cast of a soap opera any time soon…”

If I’m on a soap opera, I won’t have time to explore other interests. In any case, I doubt I could last more than a year on a soap opera even if God wanted me there. published IndAfrica. The actress, then 26 years old, had been a mainstay on Scandal!, but there were rumors she had left the show due to romantic disappointment. According to reports, when given the option between her romance and her work by her boyfriend, she picked her relationship.

Nomvelo Makhanya, who has played Lindiwe Ngema for the past decade, is leaving the serial. After many years on the daily drama show, veteran actor Phil Mphela Nomvelo recently decided to go. Phil Mphela Nomvelo made the initial announcement,” Tinashe Eugene Mashunguri wrote.

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