Lindiwe to Tumi: Let me be your mother #TheRiver

Lindiwe to Tumi: Let me be your mother #TheRiver

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Lindiwe and Tumi’s relationship is non-existent. Lindiwe abandoned Tumi immediately after she was born, seeking to chase her dreams without the burden of a baby she had no business raising.

In the last couple of episodes, Lindiwe hasn’t been quite herself. In last night’s episode, she approached Tumi and asked for a relationship with her. Tumi outright refused. She told her to leave her alone because she is trying to rebuild herself away from her.
2 24Lindiwe cried, begging Tumi to allow her to be the one to heal the pain that she has caused her. Tumi cried as well but still refused, saying that she’s hurting because of her.
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I feel that their relationship will take some time before it’s even called a relationship. At the moment, they are just employers and employees. Because they did have a chance to build a relationship and that didn’t go too well, establishing a relationship now goes back to the fact that Tumi feels that Lindiwe abandoned her the first time and let her live in poverty while she was living lavishly and still didn’t try too hard when she got a second chance.

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So, Tumi is not only angry that Lindiwe has watched her work for a company that she should have some ownership of, but is also hurting that she didn’t try harder to be a mother the first time she gave her a chance. Instead, she strangled her and made her feel like she’s nothing to her, the same feeling she always had before discovering that Lindiwe’s her mother.

It’s possible that Tumi forgives her in time but at the moment, she doesn’t want any of that and it’s quite understandable.

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To see Lindiwe beg her like this might mean that she will treat her differently than she did the first time. The way she said “I wish I could turn back time,” shows that she wishes things had turned out differently for the both of them!

What do you think? Should Tumi just let bygones be bygones and forgive Lindiwe? Does Lindiwe deserve a chance from Tumi after all she’s done to her?

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