Londie London alleged that ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi doesn’t care about their 2 kids

Londie London alleged that ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi doesn’t care about their 2 kids

Londie London has opened up about her co-parenting relationship with ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi, saying he does not care about their 2 children. Londie made her final appearance on The Real Housewives Of Durban, where she spoke with former cast mates, Annie Mthembu and Sorisha Naidoo.

“He doesn’t care about the kids,” Londie told Annie and Sorisha. “I’m just scared you know? I feel like I’ve let my kids down,” she added.

Londie continued by saying she really loved Hlubi however their marriage took a sour turn.

Reminding her of her failed marriage was private chef Nesh Sanelieiswe Bhengu, who gatecrashed Sorisha’s spa launch. “What are you hiding everything out there,” asked Nesh.

“Your life is not even worth it. Who are you with a stupid career? Your man left you and you have nothing right now you are hustling. If you weren’t all over the place you would still be living large and driving a Range Rover. You are rude, that’s why he left you. If you were not too rude, your man would still be here… you would still be living in KZN with us and not hosting silly events.”

Londie previously broke down while speaking with the ladies, “The support was just literally not there, like from the dad and stuff. This breakup is tricky because we were different, we share different values and different opinions. We were not on the same page.

“In terms of those cheating allegations, I don’t the girl. She was never part of why we broke up. I don’t recall there being a pregnant side chick. Still don’t know her,” she added.

Zimoja previously reported that Londie London is down and out after splitting from Hlubi Nkosi. Londie allegedly had to downgrade from her flashy and expensive lifestyle.

“Hustling for two kids is hard. Shopping every week at Gucci is a thing of the past; she has to hustle like the rest of us,” the publication quoted the source as saying.

“Hlubi wanted to take a second wife but Londie refused. She told him to choose between her and the other woman and Hlubi chose the other woman.”

“Things are tough but she is pushing and even does events in eMalahleni now. Content would have been about her and the fact that she has downgraded her lifestyle image from a G- wagon to a small car, which would have embarrassed her.“


Londie previously denied this and called it fake news!

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