Londie London’s getting ready for her birthday.

Londie London’s getting ready for her birthday.

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Musician, the model, and songwriter Londiwe Siphiwokuhle Zulu, popularly known as Londie London, turns 29 today.

Londie London is a social media personality and apart from having a huge social media presence, she is an artist whose musical career has got the approval of many because of its genre. She is a romantic Afro-pop artist.

Unfortunately, when in the public eye, the Twitter police are always watching waiting for you to make one wrong move and Londie is not at all new to controversy. Remember the time when she addressed the rumors she was sharing a baby daddy with Kim Koliwe.

As she enjoys another trip around the sun, let’s take a look at what her past year was like.

Londie London Londie London

Londie London’s nudes cause a stir

Instagram baddie Londie London took to Twitter to dispel rumors that she posted a nude picture showing her private parts.

In the original image, posted by Londie herself, you could see her holding on to a thong that matched the bra, and her hand was positioned in exactly the same way in both photos. The clearly photoshopped picture fooled many as it looked so real, but when compared to the original, the editing was glaring.

An infuriated Londie addressed the violation and reminded people that she is human and should be treated as such.

Londie London

Londie London gets arrested

Londie London who appears happier than ever now that she is married to Hlubi Nkosi is staying away from controversy.

Londie was arrested last year after she allegedly threw a wine glass at a man, known as Tebello Gcaba, after snatching the spectacles from his face.

Londie was arrested and bailed out on R1,000 and this was confirmed by Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela. Being on the wrong side of the law seems to be quite a thing in these celeb streets.