Lorna Maseko and Floyd’s baby is here!

Lorna Maseko and Floyd’s baby is here!

Late last year Lorna Maseko has been suffering from pregnancy rumors that she initially had opted to not discuss, but when the story made front-page news she felt compelled to let the facts be known. Well, it’s being alleged that she was pregnant right along and just gave birth earlier this month.

City Press ran a story claiming Lorna and her rumored bae EFF’s Floyd Shivambu have officially become parents to a gorgeous daughter.

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The rumor mill started swirling the narrative following screenshot images of her Instagram live video were circulated on social media. the pictures clearly show a clear jar Lorna’s tummy area. But maybe the celebrity chef had had one too many of her own supply which could have resulted during a bloated tummy, who knows. regardless of the case was her since on the matter opened room for speculation, and social media had a field day deciphering whether she was pregnant or not.

But things got intense when Sunday World ran with a story confirming that Lorna is pregnant. But the important tea of the story was who the baby daddy is. The article alleged that the previous “Top Billing” host was pregnant with the Economic Freedom Fighters’ married Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu. The article alleged that the 2 are during a secret relationship, and what a secret relationship it might if the allegations are true.

In addressing the matter Lorna slammed the allegations that she was close to be a primary time mother. Moreover, Lorna’s tweet appeared to suggest that the star may need problems conceiving children, therefore the suggestion that she is pregnant is triggering. In her words, she stated that “Women suffer with many issues, fibroids (which I have), endometriosis and lots of others. You don’t know people’s stories.”

Let me nip this within the butt real quick! I’m NOT pregnant it’s truly disgusting that folks can continue to make stories that are unreal – it’s actually EVIL!! Women suffer with many issues,fibroids (which I have), endometriosis & many others. You don’t know people’s stories-STOP IT!!

While she debunked the pregnancy allegations, what tweeps found interesting was that she didn’t address the matter of whether or not she is dating Floyd Shivambu. the very fact that she omitted to address the matter on her post, left many tweeps wondering if her silence on the matter was because the story a minimum of got that fact correct.