Love cash! Family burns more than R10 000 as Tokoloshe keeps providing


Love cash! Family burns more than R10 000 as Tokoloshe keeps providing

Love cash! Family burns more than R10 000 as Tokoloshe keeps providing

The liberal tokoloshe has been around for just fourteen days. In any case, as of now it has left the Mananas with a heap of money.


The Manana family from Diepkloof, Soweto, revealed to Daily Sun they have just burned down more than R10 000. Thembi Manana (73) said she won’t let cash demolish their family.

“I’m terrified. However, similar to every other person we additionallylove cash,” she said.

“I’m stressed my grandchildren may be enticed to utilize the cash. I don’t have a clue what will occur.”

Thembi said the first run through the tokoloshe attacked their home it left R7 000 in real money.

“It was about 7am. My girl had just gone to work and the children were headed toward school when I found the cash,” she said.

“I was startled. I went from space to room attempting to search for whoever was pulling pranks on me.”

Thembi acknowledged she was all alone in the house with a secretive R7 000 in real money.

“We were all the while addressing where the cash originated from when more cash kept springing up,” she said.

“At the point when we cook we discover cash in pots. My little girl was flame broiling meat and there was cash in the broiler.”

She said they continued discovering cash all over, even in the latrine.

“My granddaughter discovered R400 on the floor,” said Thembi.

She didn’t permit them to utilize the cash as she feared what may occur on the off chance that they did.

“Whoever sent this tokoloshe has aims and they realize it would be simple for them to entice us,” she said.

“I’m an asking lady. I won’t permit this garbage to control my family.”

In any case, the tokoloshe has been accomplishing something beyond leave cash.

Thembi told the People’s Paper it had wounded their beds and left the blades there.

“I believe it’s furious in light of the fact that we’re not utilizing the cash,” she said.

“We need this thing to leave us in harmony. We can’t live like this.”

She said they’d been eating takeaway food since they would not like to get cash when they cook.

“It sounds insane that we don’t need this cash, however it appears to be unrealistic.

There will be outcomes in the event that we use it,” she said.

Thembi’s little girl, Hope Manana (41), said she trusted the tokoloshe threatened whoever sent it to them.

“We don’t need issues. I don’t comprehend why anybody would need to do this to us,” said Hope.

“We don’t need cash and we won’t use it, regardless of how broke we are.”

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said the tokoloshe had been sent by somebody in the family who needed them to endure.

He said when they utilize the cash, they’d lose cash and life would be hard.

“It is anything but a troublesome issue to manage. They can get a sangoma or a prophet to purify the house and it will be gone,” said Dungamanzi.

  • Daily Sun