Lovely Connie Ferguson’s melting 18th Wedding Anniversary message


Lovely Connie Ferguson’s melting 18th Wedding Anniversary message

What a cute and couple goals these two love birds Shona and Connie Ferguson make. They are one of the favourite celebrity couples a lot of people admire and they have really proved to have each other’s back. Let it be said that, ‘love conquers all’.

Following their social platforms, both Connie and Shona have for many times showed how much love they have for each. From one of the recent posts of Mrs. Ferguson, she said, ‘“I see my ❤️” he said when he took the picture?😇❤️‘.

This was after her picture she was posted, acknowledging a great photograph Shona had shot her. Celebrating their lovely 18th Wedding Anniversary, she shared on her Instagram,

‘“We are different players in the game of life. But together we make a team that hit a home run with all the balls that life throws at us!” Laiti yaka, Modimo o re ratile! His Grace never ceases to amaze me! Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary my LOVE. We make the baddest team in all we do! I love you!❤️💍❣️‘.

We can not help but just wish them a happy 18th Wedding Anniversary and many more fruitful years in their marriage.