Lucky Gumbi has come out guns blazing at DJ Tira


Lucky Gumbi has come out guns blazing at DJ Tira

Lucky Gumbi has come out guns blazing at DJ Tira

Unscripted television star Lucky Gumbi has come out firearms blasting at DJ Tira. The polygamist, whose unscripted TV drama, The Gumbis, as of late dispatched on SABC1, said Tira was egotistical and discourteous.

During the show, Lucky, otherwise known as SomK, was inquired as to whether he knew one of Tira’s tunes and his reaction was he couldn’t have cared less about Tira’s music.

In his journal meetings, he clarified why he said that: “In any event, when you take a gander at Tira, you can see he’s only for himself,” said SomK. I’d state he’s self-important.

“I used to welcome him and different DJs when I actually took a shot at occasions. I’m cool with different DJs.” We even welcome one another. With him, we could meet at the carport and he would pass as he didn’t have any acquaintance with you.”

He said the main time Tira welcomed him was the point at which he was with a lady.

“I couldn’t care less about him or his music, however He needs to figure out how to regard others and the individuals who uphold his music.”

Twitter clients were captivated by his remark. A man with two

spouses, his own unscripted TV drama, and just wears Versace, Gucci and

LVs, yet he is stressed over DJ Tira!? He should disregard Malume.

At any rate Malume has changed numerous individuals’ lives. Yena he’s

changing his skin tone.) Richman Mthembu composed: SomK

Talking about DJ Tira live on public TV. Is simply off man”

When drawn closer for input DJ Tira stated: “I’ve no thought who this man is. I don’t recollect drawing in with him. I don’t need dramatization in my life. Furthermore, if ngamdelela ngiyaxolisa, nganginga qondile.

SomK said he would not like to remark further.

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