Lucky Mantsintsi appeared in court for the first time for the murder of Winnie Matlou

Lucky Mantsintsi appeared in court for the first time for the murder of Winnie Matlou

Murder accused Lucky Mantsintsi is appearing before the Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court today, it is always a little bit ironic that these individuals then proceed to ask for bail when they have done something like this. However, there are chances that the courts will grant him bail or will not Grant him because of the Crime that he has committed but to ensure that he is safe because the community will not likely turn a blind eye to his actions.

Mantsintsi handed himself over to the police after he stabbed his wife, Winnie Matlou last week. The fact that he even handed himself over to the police is distressing because he knew exactly that the community would not be very happy with his actions. They would likely take out their frustrations on him by setting him on fire, for the evil person that he is for doing such a horrible crime and subjecting the lady to unforeseeable pain.

The 41 – year old Matlou was laid to rest in Moletjie Ga – Kolopo this past weekend, this is after the individual had murdered in Cold Blood and there’s no justification in the world which can be explained so that it makes sense for the murder this isn’t truly upsetting to many members of the public and it has to be remedied.

The murder case of Matsintsi was postponed to Thursday, the 17th of November. The fact that this individual is even alive is very upsetting to some of the family members of the deceased, and this is why they do not see any justice because he’s going through court proceedings while their loved one is six feet underground.

It is only a few a week since the murder and you can expect that the wound is still fresh with the family members, some of which showed up in court in order to show their support to their loved one and ensure that Justice is served, please leave a comment below.

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