L’vovo finally explains the reason for his silence

L’vovo finally explains the reason for his silence

L’vovo, whose genuine name is Thokozani Ndlovu (40) from Newcastle in KZN, experienced a stroke the month before.

This set off bits of gossip which turned into a web sensation via virtual entertainment that he was dead which was promptly excused by his record organization Derrango Records and Diversion.

Talking about his stroke which landed him in the emergency clinic, he said that it was brought about by not taking his treatment well as well as eating undesirable food.

He said after he was engaged in an auto collision in May last year, which put him in a state of extreme lethargy, the specialists gave him treatment for his wounds.

“I was told to take the treatment, however, I recklessly didn’t take it well.

I was taking it yet not as per the specialists’ directions. This is on the grounds that I felt well not realizing that I wasn’t completely recuperated. I was additionally educated to eat solids which I didn’t do. I ate unhealthy food and not-so-quality food. That is the reason I experienced a stroke,” said L’vovo.

He said that his left half of his body was gravely harmed.

“My eye and mouth were impacted however I feel quite a bit improved. I was released from emergency clinic last week and I’m right now recuperating from home. Yet, I really do go to the specialist for an examination,” said L’vovo.

The kwaito legend encouraged each and every individual who is on treatment to adhere to their PCPs’ guidelines.

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“In the event that you don’t feel good, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel a specialist. Kindly take the treatment and practice good eating habits. Life is valuable and excessively short. At the point when I’m certain that I’m completely recuperated, I’ll return to studio and make music. However, until further notice, I’m taking as much time as is needed and dealing with myself,” he finished up.

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