Lvovo is making a great effort to lose some weight.

Lvovo is making a great effort to lose some weight.

LvovoSA leaves Mzansi in disbelief after he was seeing doing this to lose weight;
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Thokozani Ndlovu is a South African Kwaito artist who is popularly known as Lvovo. Not only is he a musician but also an actor. Lvovo is currently 41 years old, born on the 1st of September in the year 1980.

As most people are aware that Lvovo has always been big in terms of its physic. With that being said he recently posted a picture of himself inside a steaming machine.

Lvovo mentioned on his tweet that it was unfortunate that he got stuck inside the machine because it was a little too small for him. Fans couldn’t help but laugh at him because of that.

This was probably expected because of his weight. Some mentioned that the process also helps when it comes to weight loss. This made people if LvovoSA wanted to shed a few kilos. See more of people’s reactions down below;

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