The passing of MaCele is heartbreaking #DurbanGen

The passing of MaCele is heartbreaking #DurbanGen


The receptionist loved by everyone at Durban Gen Hospital died of heartbreak.

MaCele had just found out her paramedic husband Bab’Gumede (Sifiso Sibiya) had a secret child.

She forgave him but later found out Bab’Gumede used their life saving.

She had heart problems after Bab’Gumede told her he used their savings to pay for his son’s hospital bills. She was admitted and died on Monday.

Their nurse son Calvin (Bhekisizwe Mahlawe) is caught in the middle as his parents fight and try to make peace.

The publication reported last week that Monica would be leaving the telenovela this week.

Stained Glass Productions spokeswoman, Nomfundo Zondi, said:

“She had to exit because she’s busy. There’s a drama that she’s acting in. So the writers had to end her character.”

When the episode aired on Wednesday, MaCele was on the trending list on Twitter, with people saying their goodbyes. The episode ended with the cast singing and led by main actress and singer Dr Mbali Mthethwa (Nelisiwe Sibiya) as her body was taken out.

Nelisiwe also took to Twitter to speak about the episode.


“Tonight, MaCele is leaving us. . . I remember shooting this scene like it was yesterday,” she wrote.

“Me and her cried in one of the hospital rooms because it was so heavy for all of us.

“In her I found a mother and a sister. Catch #DurbanGen at 18.30 on @etv as we say goodbye to MaCele.”

Another fan of the show, Sihle QK, wrote: “Tonight’s episode is so touching I wouldn’t even be able to gather enough strength to watch the omnibus. RIP Macele. This episode is a huge trigger.”

“Isibhedlele will never be the same – no more scones and sandwiches for the staff sasesbhedlele. Lala ngoxolo, Macele,” wrote user L Mkonqo.