MacG and Sol celebrate their great success

MacG and Sol celebrate their great success


Solphenduka and MacG had a pre-screening of the interview they had with Jub Jub. They also promised to give tickets to their lucky five chillers to join them. It is amazing to see how MacG created something that people are happy to watch on YouTube and television.

He announced the pre-screening on their Monday episode, in which Lerato Kganyago from Metro FM was part of the show, and it was a beautiful episode that chillers loved very much. They are traveling around the country doing interviews, which is part of the chillers’ lifestyle.
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The episode in which they had a good time pre-screening will be on Channel 0 today, and then his chillers will get to view the full interview on YouTube. But they had to wait for next week’s episode to drop. Their podcast is having a huge impact, and chillers are waiting for the next episode all the time.

The interview is one of those that is anticipated and, from how the podcast is encouraging people to watch it, is one of those that is interesting to listen to. He even said files will be dropped from the interview from the promo. It will be a heated interview.

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It is also the second episode and what they were talking about is a lot for viewers to listen to. When Jub Jub came back from prison, it was anticipated for him to talk about everything, but it never happened at that time. Now he is ready to go to South Africa to tell his story.
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The podcast team is having a great time travelling around the country, meeting a lot of people to talk about things that they have never shared before in the public domain. There are also moments where their interviews are being cancelled, and they announce on the Monday episode that they did not make it to the interview.