MacG people are convinced that abuse allegations by Mohale are true

MacG people are convinced that abuse allegations by Mohale are true

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Somizi Mhlongo recently had an interview on Podcast and chill with MacG his appearance was anticipated by many, he was heard saying that he once had a crush on MacG.

When MacG told him that he was once depressed and broke after he was fired from the other FM station but he couldn’t try his luck because he was younger than him,

MacG told him that he is only into girls then surprisingly Somizi said When you are broke, everything goes.

People on social media found this very creepy that he would say “Everything goes when you are broke” which meant that regardless of MacG being straight he was supposed to date him because he was broke.

People took this on the left side and said they are now convinced that somizi is a perpetrator and what he said is disrespect to poor people. People said they now have a reason to believe Mohale’s accusations.

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Somizi Mhlongo denied all abuse allegations by estranged husband Mohale and conveyed that all that happened in their married was love and little arguments like any other married couple.

After Metro FM took him off air amid abuse allegations he had ro stay home for a while then Mzansi Magic followed by a meeting and it was concluded that he was said to take time off from being a presenter of Idols SA.

He also said he was requesting time off from work so that he will be able to deal with with the serious accusations he said. After a short while he issued a statement regardingto these accusations.

In his statement he said these allegations by his estranged husband were completely unfair and they were not good for his reputation that he worked hard for, he denied everything and took the matter upon his legal team.

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But still he is at the hot sit regardless of him being allowed to come back on Mzansi Magic on Idols SA, after that podcast people say he he belongs to jail and people of the LGBTQI+ community fear him because his is their idol.

These past few months have been the most challenging months for the Sarafina star, but hopefully he will be able to bounce back from everything.