MacG reveal some shocking facts about his relationship with DJ Lamiez Howorthy

MacG reveal some shocking facts about his relationship with DJ Lamiez Howorthy

MacG known as MacG Mukwevho is a famous radio DJ and house music producer from South Africa. He came into the limelight in 2000 when he hosted a youth program on ETV called Craze. The show ran up to 2005 when he left the station to pursue his radio DJ career full time

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His story is moving and at the same time inspiring to other upcoming artists, this article also captures details about his podcast, family,age among other interesting information.

His show podcast and chill is loved by many and also hated by others calling it disrespectful and annoying. Despite all the allegations made against the show the number of people who watch this show continues to grow. I guess this supports the saying “it takes both the sun and the rain for flower to grow”

This young man have achieved a lot in his lifetime and continue working hard through his goal.He seems to be getting in trouble lately and loosing sponsors because of interviews that are alleged to encourage woman abuse and sexual harassment, which looks very tricky for him,

MacG reveals some shocking facts about his relationship with a very successful DJ Lamiez Howorthy who is khuli Ghana ‘s wife . Mukwevho mentioned that he once dated Lamiez although their relationship didn’t not last , this comes after the allegations that Lamiez beat her husband khuli chana which tweeps later on labelled fake news.
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Mukwevho mentioned that Lamiez is a sweet person and they have dated but the relationship didn’t last because Lamiez wanted to show him to her parents and he was not ready , viewers were left shocked since this never made the headlines even though it was before she dated khuli chana.

The show is in trouble after the interview with Jub Jub,Jub Jub interview exposed hiis scandals like allegations of rape by Amanda Dupouit and masechaba. Now his sponsors are pulling out as it is said that he is makes disrespectful comments about woman.