MacG speak for the first time about expensive booze at Konka.

MacG speaks for the first time about expensive booze at Konka.

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MacG has become one of the most popular people in South Africa and is one of the most influential people in the world of media news and entertainment. Podcast and chill with MacG have become one of the biggest podcasts in South Africa, and there’s no doubt about that because they have so many listeners that almost everyone today knows about podcasts and chill. The podcast has become so popular because it covers some of the juiciest news about celebrities that you don’t hear from the celebrities as well, they also interview celebrities too which makes the podcast even more worth listening to and watching it. You could even make the argument that MacG is sort of becoming the Joe Rogen of South Africa.
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Well on the recent episode of podcast and chill, MacG actually had something to say about Konka. Konka is said to be the most exclusive club in South Africa. Well, it seems that MacG is well aware of the club and it seems like he also goes there too, as he had some interesting things to say about the club.
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It’s no doubt that Konka is a place that is welcoming to celebrities, and it’s where you’ll see most of them just chilling and enjoying their private time.
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I’m sure it’s obvious to the fans of the podcast that MacG is indeed someone who parties and he also gets gigs in places such as Konka and other places that have vibe. It’s not even surprising that Mac actually parties at Konka, I mean it would be surprising if he didn’t party there, because it is the most popular club in South Africa right now, so most people would be tempted to see why the place is so popular, so I guess Konka really is the place to be.