MacG To Mohale Motaung “Mohale just a guy who dated Somizi”


MacG To Mohale Motaung “Mohale just a guy who dated Somizi”

MacG To Mohale Motaung
MacG To Mohale Motaung

Podcast and Chill’s moot hosts have taken a swipe at Somizi’s unloved husband Mohale Motaung.

A snip from a recent episode was shared on the podcast’s Instagram during which each hosts shared what they thought of Mohale.
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“I suppose Mohale thinks he’s the guy he’s not, does one get me? He thinks he’s any individual, he’s a celeb. He is not. he’s virtually the guy WHO dated Somizi. that is all we all know him for,” raincoat G aforementioned.

Fellow host Sol Phenduka aforementioned he wasn’t acquainted with Somizi’s unloved husband before the try tied the knot.

“That’s his bequest. he’s not a man WHO hosted awards or a show. I did not grasp Mohale before Somizi. Somizi is that the guy from Sarafina 90s s**t,” Sol said.

The try created headlines once their wedding came to Associate in Nursing finish. The split was laced with the abuse allegations Mohale levelled against Somizi.

Somizi shared an announcement on his Instagram and “vehemently denied” ever physically or showing emotion abusing Mohale.

“Our relationship has had its ups and downs however I even have ne’er been physically or wittingly showing emotion abusive towards my unloved husband. I vehemently deny the allegations of criminal acts towards him and would love to clear my name of that defamation. browse the statement.”
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Mohale confirmed they were within the method of obtaining single.

“In response to the news current bearing on the fabric details concerning problems at intervals my wedding also because the recent statement by my unloved husband, I would like to verify we have a tendency to square measure within the method of a divorce.”

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