Madlala reveals these reasons Senzo’s Parents don’t talk to me

Madlala reveals these reasons Senzo’s Parents don’t talk to me

The day has finally come when virtually every person who is eagerly checking the Senzo Meyiwa’s crime starter has been keeping it together for, the day when Supporter Zandile Mshololo takes on the eyewitness and starts her cross-examination as she questions the spectator Tumelo Madlala who was the left’s closest friend.

In her doubting, Mshololo mentioned that Madlala requires a few speculations and let the court in on how his relationship with the Meyiwas is or has been since Senzo was shot and killed back in 2014, Madlala said Senzo’s father went to his place and started swearing at his soul mate after he saw that he was not at home.

Madlala who on occasion answers a request by presenting to a request back says a little while prior when he was going with the late Senzo’s kin Sifiso, he invited the left’s mother, incredibly, she never invited back and from there on out, he has never been in extraordinary terms with the family and he knows next to nothing about why.

“I had a fair association with the Meyiwa family, but things turned sour after the death of my buddy, Senzo’s father would come to my home when I was mysteriously gone and he would shout at my darling, something different is that when I was with Senzo’s kin Sifiso and when I invited the left’s mother, she didn’t reply and from there on out we were at this point not in extraordinary terms. I know nothing about why they started despising me since I was also going with Sifiso after the event,” he said.

Madlala who is certifying while his face isn’t shown on media will be back in the dock on Wednesday to continue the most recent pertinent focal point, Mshololo will be the individual who takes up where she left out when the methods resumes at the North Gauteng High Court.

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