Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Mafu spills the beans on her next big move

Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Mafu spills the beans on her next big move

Something new is coming for well-known South African songstress Nhlanhla Mafu. The Mafikizolo member has revealed to the publication that she’s looking into releasing a solo project.

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Nhlanhla told the publication singing with Theo Kgosinkwe, her Mafikizolo co-singer, has been the best time of her life. However, the duo wants to try something new.

“I’m hoping to start my solo project sometime next year. I’m excited about it. It’s been years since both Theo, and I have done solos. We sat down recently and discussed. He’ll also be working on something on his own. We’ll continue working as Mafikzolo,” Nhlanhla said.

“We feel we need to do some fun stuff individually, and we’ll always go back. I’m excited about that.”

Journey with Mafikizolo

Mafikizolo is celebrating 27 years this year, and Nhlanhla said it’s been a long but beautiful journey.

“It’s really been a beautiful journey. Obviously, we had a lot of life experiences as well. There were times when there were hardships, and we were in pain when we lost our third member, Tebogo Madingoane. There were times we were happy, really happy, especially when we got our big break into the industry.

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“Little did we know that two years later, we would lose Tebogo. Obviously, there are challenges, especially when you’re a band. Sometimes, there’re disagreements, but at the end of the day, we do what we love, and we have respect for each other. We have that sibling relationship, though we argue. Every argument comes from respect and love, not about being better. It’s always been about having a common goal which is to always grow Mafikizolo,” she said.

Nhlanhla said the trick to remaining relevant is to be humble.

“We never feel like now we’ve arrived and have made it. We’re always looking for new opportunities and new sounds. How to reinvent ourselves in our image and sound. It makes the journey interesting.”

Growing her brand and business

The singer is also focusing on building her brand and running her clothing business, NN Vintage. She’s also looking into growing her business.

“We’re growing, as NN vintage. I’m excited about the Shweshwe swimsuit range we’re currently working on. Soon we’ll be introducing a male range to check the market. It’s always been in the pipeline, but I’ve been waiting for the right time. I know it’s been many years, but the fashion industry isn’t easy.

“I thought because I’m Nhlanhla from Mafikizolo, people would buy my clothes, but it was a different story. I had to give the range some time so that I could get customers,” she said.

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What’s new?

Nhlanhla has also been in the studio. She featured musical trio Encore on their new single titled Injabulo.

“The song feels like a beautiful summer love, where you just feel like you’ve found someone new, the love is new, and everything is new. My part of the song was inspired by my love life right now. So, that verse came naturally. I wrote about my person. I thought about how I feel about him, and I put it down into words,” Nhlanhla said.

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