Makhado’s passing has been tough on everyone


Makhado’s passing has been tough on everyone

Riky Rick’s passing has left the whole country in shock, understandably so. Other celebrities and his fans are still reeling from the news, and now Lasizwe Dambuza has opened up about being overwhelmed by the news.


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The comedian recently took to social media to talk about how hard he has been hit by the news of Riky Rick’s death. He shared a video of a vein or a nerve in his hand twitching rather intensely.

He said that the twitch is one effect of the shock he is experiencing, and it looks like he is having actual physical reactions to the news. His nervous system is triggered and overwhelmed, and he feels like it has all hit too close to him.

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No doubt that Lasizwe feels like it could have been him. Not too long ago, he also opened up about battling depression. He said it had all gotten so bad that he got himself checked into a mental health and wellness centre, to help him battle the dark thoughts he was experiencing.

He has also offered some insight into what it feels like to go through the kind of depression that led Riky Rick to his death. He said that on the outside, everything looks nice and rosy, and they may even seem happy because many good things are happening. But on the inside, it is all dark, and they feel numb, almost like they are just going through the motions of life, but not actually living at all.

Lasizwe is not the only celebrity who has spoken up about Riky’s death hitting too close to home. Minnie Dlamini also tweeted saying that it could have been her, leaving Mzansi concerned and anxious for her.

The media personality recently opened up about getting separated from her husband, Quinton Jones. The two of them released a statement saying they had tried to make it work for about two years, but now realise that they have to make their divorce official.

Her announcement got her viciously bullied on social media, as it usually goes, unfortunately. She was called damaged goods, and many tweeps suggested that she only used Quinton for his money and status. Now that she is divorced and has a child, they opined, nobody will want her, and her “value” has “gone down”.
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Riky’ demise has made it all so clear how many of our celebrities are struggling with mental health issues. We may be in the middle of a global pandemic, but we are facing another pandemic right here in Mzansi, and it needs to be addressed and taken seriously very urgently, before we have to say goodbye to even more people.

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