Makhadzi advises Babes Wodumo to solve her problems away from her

Makhadzi advises Babes Wodumo to solve her problems away from her

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Babes Wodumo has been standing out as truly newsworthy of late, causing a show in her private life. A couple of days prior, she went on a life-savored morning and took steps to thrash Makhadzi for dating Mampintsha. The artist asserted that Makhadzi needed her man and that she guarantees that she was Makhadzi’s companion, and the Ghanama hitmaker ought not to have laid down with her companion’s better half. Makhadzi reacts to Babes Wodumo utilizing a video and encourages her to manage her man.

Recently Makhadzi reacted through a tweet to Babes Wodumo’s claims, yet she later made a video resolving the entire issue. The redcard vocalist said that she didn’t have Mampintsha’s telephone number in the video, and she just came to their studio to work. She said that she was unable to control somebody to not take a gander at her, thus Babes should manage her man all things being equal.

In the video, Makhadzi described how Babes Wodumo had begun hitting Mampintsha for checking out Makhadzi and poured liquor on a PC pitching a fit. This occurred while Makhadzi and her group were in the studio interestingly. Makhadzi proceeded to say that she isn’t keen on Mampintsha and that it’s not her shortcoming that Babes Wodumo’s man loves ladies.
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Looking back, Babes Wodumo once offended Makhadzi calling her appalling and saying she didn’t bath. Makhadzi didn’t react to that open affront from Babes Wodumo, yet fans have been communicating their perspectives all in all issue. Many fans have been ridiculing Babes Wodumo asking her for what reason she feels compromised by somebody she said was unhygienic. To add fuel on top of it, all the wololo vocalists went live on Instagram last week taking steps to pound her mother by marriage, and later guaranteed it was an exposure stunt.


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Makhadzi, in her live, requested that Babes Wodumo quit spoiling her name in a terrible picture. Also went on record to say that she has her own man and that Babes Wodumo was simply envy since she guaranteed she found Makhadzi first, and it must be her doing the melody with Makhadzi, not Mampintsha.