Makhadzi and Lady Du make a song together on Friday

Makhadzi and Lady Du make a song together on Friday

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Makhadzi is one of the most talented ladies in South Africa. She is young but that doesn’t determine her, she has done so much in a short space of time. If you have watched her performance you will know what I mean.

She respects her vends culture, she always uses her mother tongue in all her song. For the past month, she has been telling her fans that she has an album that she is set to release on the third of September. We are so lucky because she is going to release one of her songs in her album, the one she featured Lady Du, from their Facebook post you can tell that this is going to be one of the smashes in South Africa.

They point out that there is a possibility that their song may be the song of the year. In one of the posts, Lady Du suggested that Makhadzi must release the song as soon as possible so that it can be the song of the year. Makhadzi said she will release the song on the twenty-seventh this coming Friday.

Makhadzi fans and Lady Du fans are over the moon they really can’t wait for this duet.

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