Makhadzi and Zwi Lwams begin a new love affair

Makhadzi and Zwi Lwams begin a new love affair

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Performer Makhadzi has finally enraptured on from ex-fellow Master kilo. however thanks to all the dangerous press she received once introducing the producer as her fellow, she is set to stay her personal life covert.

It looks the singer has already enraptured on with a Venda businessperson if this footage ar something to travel by.

He has been sponsoring loads of her gigs below his company. He ne’er misses any of Makhadzi’s gigs and also the 2 ar continuously seen along. His name is Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, the Chief military officer at Lwams Africa.

Apparently, they need conjointly been photography within the same places and it is easy to examine if you place their footage facet by facet.






In alternative news, an image wherever the Matorokisi hitmaker was chilling with Mampintsha, was announce by a social media user United Nations agency then mocked Makhadzi by expression the pic was photoshopped.

Even though she continuously stays silent and misses the negativity, she determined to hit back this point, “The most lovely lady I do know. Ngi muhle shame (I am beautiful). i’m the lady.”

She conjointly received responses from people that ar in disbelief concerning her age, as a result of she is twenty-four. once one same they might not believe that she is twenty four, Makhadzi hit back by the expression she appearance sixteen, implying that drinkable helps loads.

Even her former lover Master kilo reacted to her tweet with fireplace emojis.

Others applauded her for standing up to trolls, “Sometimes I don’t perceive those that tell someone she is ugly. wherever on earth ar you from guys? That’s embarrassing. Makhadzi you’re terribly lovely sis.” Another conjointly hit back by expression, “Beauty measured victimisation European standards and spectacles on Africans continues to the current day, we have a tendency to see this trend on beauty pageants, you need to be skinny to be lovely, it’s a disgrace and degrading to Africans by Africans, however we have a tendency to ar black and that we ar lovely.”

Another counseled her beauty expression she appearance smart, “Very lovely. that is why I initial thought its Photoshop,” Makhadzi then replied by hyping herself even additional, “The lady is original.”

Currently the singer is happy concerning hit another major milestone. Her music video for Murahu collected over three million views. “Aa wee…thank you a great deal for the support guys. Murahu music video on 3m views. Zwanda Zwanda!”

This is a significant action for Makhadzi as a result of the music videos were recently uploaded once more last year once her former manager Rita Dee deleted them so as to chop ties together with her. Taking to Twitter Makhadzi command nothing back once she defendant Rita of robbing her by deleting the videos and not giving her a cent for her music. “The solely issue I did was to raise my cash from my ex manager for my previous album Matorokisi and cash for my royalties, what she did was to assert my cash and delete all my video from YouTube together with Riyanvenda ten million views and Matorokisi eight millionviews. I didn’t get a cent from my album.”