Makhadzi dragged in Babes and Mampintsha drama


Makhadzi dragged in Babes and Mampintsha drama

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Babes Wodumo’s problems never cease. If it’s not her fans turning against her because of her endless publicity stunts, it’s infidelity rumours which have now gained traction. This time, a woman on TikTok has gained the clout she has been thirsting for by claiming to be Mampintsha’s real wife.

In the words of Offset and his wife Cardi B, “they do anything for clout.” We have seen clout chasers all over social media, trying to gain relevance by stirring up drama. Even our own ZAlebs have done it, and Babes Wodumo takes the crown.

With all the drama that has been going on with Babes Wodumo and her family, we cannot tell anymore what is real and what is fake. Looking at her last “publicity stunt” which in fact turned out not to be true – we say this because we find it hard to believe that Makhadzi would agree to this farce – we cannot overlook the possibility of Babes Wodumo possibly having a hand at this.

So a TikToker by the name of Mamesh, claims that she is Mampintsha’s first wife and that she is his real wife, not Babes Wodumo.

“Hi Babes Wodumo, you call yourself MaSimelane, well I am MaMaphumulo, the real one. Please leave Makhadzi alone, I am Mampintsha’s real wife. Just because you guys are married, that has nothing to do with me. I am also married. I don’t know if you know this but he and I are married.

“Secondly, stop going around and dissing Mampintsha’s mother, she is my mother-in-law. Just because they are hiding me you think I will remain quiet. I am tried of you, you think because people are scared of you, I will also be afraid of you. I want South Africa to organise a fight between us and on that day do not drink alcohol, eat pap because I will beat you up,” she said.

Makhadzi was accused of being the one who is dating Mampintsha but she quickly refuted those claims by exposing Babes Wodumo’s alleged “toxic” ways while they were in studio.

“I’m telling you, Babes Wodumo, that you never cared about what happened to your studio. I never told anyone about this except my boyfriend. I told him you were fighting for your boyfriend not to look at me, and that it’s something I cannot control. I came to your studio to work, and wanted Mampintsha to put a verse. But when I arrived, you didn’t want me to record. Instead, you fought with Mampintsha in front of everyone. You told him you had discovered me before him. You told me your problems and right now, I’m not even going to disclose that information.

“You were acting up, pouring alcohol on computers and couldn’t even control yourself in front of visitors. I had to wait because I wanted to work. Your man, Mampintsha, was following me around and it is not my problem. Your man loves women and you must deal with him, not me,” said a very angry Makhadzi.

“I don’t know where he got my number from, and when he sends a text message I don’t even reply. But today you’re tarnishing my name. Please stop. I didn’t take your man and I don’t go around taking people’s boyfriends.

“You have problems with your man and you were beating him up in front of us. You fought with him for just looking at me. I kept this as a secret because I respect you, but since you are looking for attention you come up with an allegation that I’m sleeping with your man. I have my own boyfriend and I am not cheap like that. So please respect me. Don’t go around tarnishing my name.”

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