Makhadzi is living a beautiful moment with her new boyfriend.


Makhadzi is living a beautiful moment with her new boyfriend.


After breaking up with Jerusalem hitmaker Master KG, the South African songstress Makhadzi has found love again and she looks happy. Makhadzi shared picnic pictures with her boyfriend, on her official Facebook page ‘Makhadzi Muimbi Music SA’. The two were curdling and holding one on the other, and the fans loved it. Makhadzi

The new boyfriend who has been spotted with the singer multiple times, even though they’ve yet to officially confirm it, has been identified as Zwivhuya Nelwamondo, the Chief Executive Officer at Lwams Africa. When visiting the Lwams Africa page, promotions of the singer‘s gigs are found, indicating the new lover might be sponsoring a lot of her gigs under his company.Makhadzi0

Earlier in March the singer took to Instagram to post that her boyfriend surprised her recently so she can go to the studio whenever she wants. Yes, Makaji’s boyfriend bought her a furnished studio. So the man is independent and is not in the relationship for money. Nelwamondo doesn’t miss Makhadzi ‘s gigs and is always there to support her girlfriend.

So from dating a Master KG to CEO, Makhadzi is blessed when coming to relationships, and one the celebrity life didn’t make her forget where she comes from. She has build her mother a beutiful house back in Venda, and her boyfriend is from the same area.

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