Makhadzi landed herself on the wrong side of the law

Makhadzi landed herself on the wrong side of the law

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Makhadzi is one among the foremost documented and most fair-haired creative person in African country, she goes by the $64000 names Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, a 24-year-old young feminine WHO appear to be doing alright within the music business

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Makhadzi is most fair-haired for her music, from songs like “Matorikisi” to several of her aongs from her latest kokovha album, for {many} of her songs many folks love her and therefore many would ne’er wish to miss a gig that has Makhadzi.

Last week Makhadzi free her single known as “Muvhili wanga” that was conjointly a debut to the late Lufuno Mavhungo WHO committed suicide following the incident whereby there was a video of her being afraid everywhere social media.

The past weekend Makhadzi had a one-women show in Nkomazi, whereby she announce a video on Twitter regarding the event, yet, most of her fans on social media were upset that the show she command had such a large amount of individuals, and it’s against the covid19 rules and rules.

From the images and videos on the social media platforms, one will see that Makahdzi’s fans weren’t maintaining social distancing and most of them weren’t even carrying masks.

Some commented showing that not solely churches square measure the super unfolders of covid19 however conjointly gigs and shows just like the one Makhadzi had square measure enjoying a giant role within the quick spread of the covid19.

As much because the creative person was following all the health protocols, her fans weren’t safe from all as they profaned most of not all of the imprisonment rules and rules