Makhadzi responds to rumors of her illness and appears on Instagram

Makhadzi responds to rumors of her illness and appears on Instagram

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Makhadzi’s power and energy is unmatched each time she dances and performs, she constantly ensures that she mops the floor with that booty. For ladies’ day, the musician together with her dancers decided not to just mop the floor but went ahead and mopped the rooftop with their amazing dance moves. So unlucky for them it led to tears and now she is doing her very best to keep the accident or incident a secret.

However, a verified source who was at Mpumalanga Nelspruit Siya Bar to have fun the girls’ day occasion recorded an extraordinary video to SurgeZirc SA and narrated what happened. According to the supply or source the venue turned into packed and the singer together with her dancers, Limpopo Boyz impressed the group.

However, things took some other turn when all of them climbed on top of the roof to serve the amazed crowd with extra movements. It’s alleged that one of the dancers drank excess and became drunk he was at the brink of the roof. He then missed a step and fell.

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After the drunk man fell it looked as though he had damaged or broken his back and hands. However, people who surrounded him managed to get him out of the venue and seemed like he suffered minor injuries. unfortunately there was problem ahead of them. “He couldn’t sleep all through the night time and had to be rushed to health facility,” said the source.

Lets just hope he is well and gets back on his feet again.