Makhadzi shut down Botswana yesterday

Makhadzi shut down Botswana yesterday


Makhadzi’s show turned into a complete nightmare as some revelers were left with big lumps while others sustained severe injuries after the crowd retaliated when pepper spray was used on them.
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Although there were rumours circulating on social media that the absence of South African socialite, Zodwa was the main reason people went bananas leading to bottles being hurled from the crowd to the main stage, the truth is that all was well until security guards used pepper spray on the attendants.

When the show began, everything was running smoothly and attendants were calm despite the fact that they were fully aware that Zodwa’s performance was cancelled as it was alleged that she tested positive for COVID-19.

Everything turned sour at around 2.30am when Vee Mampeezy got onto the stage and performed his old time track Baba. The fans went into frenzy and started pushing each other out of excitement leading to a mini stampede and a few barricade fences falling down.

The situation, which could have been easily contained, was made worse by some of the security guards who used pepper spray on the crowd and one of the attendees was even slapped by the bouncers after he climbed on one of the music speakers.

The angry crowd then retaliated by throwing beer bottles towards the main stage leading to some people sustaining injuries.

The show was cut short for some of Makhazi’s fans after they sustained injuries. Others feared being wounded and decided to go home before they could see Makhadzi’s performance.

In addition, renowned Zope hit maker, Vee did all in his powers to try and calm the situation and even pleaded with the sound engineer who at some point had to stop the music to reconnect it.
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The talented artist even pleaded with the security to stop making the situation worse because already some revellers were helping out in positioning back the barricade fence.

Meanwhile, some of the fuming fans questioned if Makhadzi was going to perform because she was slotted to perform during that hour.

The South African Limpopoborn artist appeared on the stage to reassure the fans that she was going to perform. The people went wild and wanted her to entertain them instantly.

Makhadzi then went back stage and paved way for Vee’s performance something which did not sit well with multitudes of attendants.

Some went to an extent of blocking Makhadzi’s car assuming that she was about to leave without performing.

Minutes later Makhadzi took to the stage and mesmerised the same revellers with her new song Budget Hureey at around 4am.

The self-proclaimed African queen performed songs such as Murahu, Matorikisi, Beke le Beke, Dikuku among others, which got the fans singing along and begging for more.

The multi-talented award winning star had her fans eating from her palms with her sizzling performance.

Due to the love she received from her fans, Makhadzi performed beyond the stipulated times and later left the stage with the police escort to her car.

Source: The Monitor