Makhadzi slept in the middle of her awards as a kind of celebration of her

Makhadzi slept in the middle of her awards as a kind of celebration of her

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Every successful musician from Limpopo or all over South Africa has a touching story of how they come from poor to riches with their music. We have heard all the Inspiring stories, comparing them with the African Queen story we think it takes the crown.

Makhadzi is one of the Limpopo artists who started from the bottom and elevated herself right to the top. The self-titled as the African Queen has not been giving the music industry any chance to breathe ever since she hid song Matorokisi.

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The award-winning musician have been releasing hit after hit with her recent two hits causing a stir on TikTok. The “Mmapula” hit refers to her being the rain queen, on the song she says she’s the one who can make the rain pour and again make it stop.

Browsing on social media, on one of the celebrity pages on Facebook we came across a picture of Makhadzi sleeping next to the photos of her awards to show us how far she comes with her music. We take it that the message from the photo says she can now sleep peacefully knowing that her dreams are coming true.

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Some of us may know Makhadzi now but she has come far with music, she used to perform in the malls for just a mere rand but today to book her and to have her come to your concert can cost you approximately few or more thousand bucks.

People on social media may mock her but I think she is doing so well for someone her age. Makhadzi should know that she’s beautiful and successful, this is the fact that no one can ever take from her.

Anyone to be hateful on Makhadzi on social media hiding behind fake accounts should make sure they are more successful and have achieved more that this Queen. But still, at the end of the day a hater is gonna hate but beauty and talent will prevail.

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