Makhadzi starts a world singing tour from Canada

Makhadzi starts a world singing tour from Canada


Award-winning singer and performer Makhadzi is taking her sound to the world stages. She took to her Instagram account to share the fantastic news with her fans. She posted a stunning and very clean poster with a touch of vibrance. Her image, four tour dates, and their respective venues were listed.

In her caption, the Salungano singer wrote that it was her UK and Canada tour. She noted going outside your country to perform for people who don’t understand your language feels fantastic. In this way, she will be stepping outside her comfort zone.

Makhadzi is undoubtedly no stranger to performing outside Mzansi borders. She has performed in several countries in Africa. Acting for a market that isn’t familiar with her words must be frightening. She is a natural-born performer. Wherever she performs, her zest will shine through.

People underrate the importance of performing internationally. Some people genuinely think serving abroad is the same as acting locally. An artist gets paid in a different currency with international gigs, meaning they make more money.
Makhadzi announces
With a global fanbase, artists can get more gigs to act in many places. The artist Black Coffee entered the international market and now has a Grammy.

Her Canada and UK tours start on the 16th of July to the 05th of August. Her first gig will be in Toronto, Canada. She will be performing at the Canada & Ottawa African Festival. Makhadzi will perform again on the 23rd of July at the same festival.

After her second Canadian performance, she will jet off to the United Kingdom. In the UK she’ll perform on the 30th of July and the 05th of August. She is one of the many Mzansi artists taking their music to the world.


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