Makhadzi Stuns Mzansi With New Look on Twitter

Makhadzi Stuns Mzansi With New Look on Twitter

For a few years now, Limpopo musician Makhadzi has managed to stay current while being loyal to herself.

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Makhadzi is one of South Africa’s most secretive celebrities. The musician is undeniably diligent. A multi-million rand sale and many international honors helped Sis close 2021 strong.

But she’s built a thick skin from social media reaction. When she feels like it, she reacts to trolls. We are loving the Ghanama hitmaker’s latest photo. Fans praised Makhadzi’s beautiful face, hair, and hot attire.

People who criticize the singer’s appearance are known to be annoyed by her. Her make-up artist worked wonders and we loved it! To which she said, “I think appearing sophisticated and excellent can be achieved by having money to buy wigs and makeup artists.” Aivhooo! But I can’t cope with the time it takes to appear like this. #hekulakweee!

The image that sparked a frenzy among fans

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After a picture of her posing with Mampintsha became viral in 2021, tweeps came for her beauty. Twitter users criticized Makhadzi, claiming the photo was manipulated.

“The most gorgeous girl I know.” Muhle disgrace (I am beautiful). I’m the lady.

Her inner black thighs had to be apologized for. Her inner thighs were revealed in an image that went viral on social media. Her images were shared by a photographer in Malawi. His choice of images harmed her brand.

Her apology began, “I sincerely apologize to all of my admirers who are offended by these photographs.”
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“The videographer had many wonderful photographs to upload, but he chose this to advertise his brand, ignoring the harm he is bringing to my spirit…

I am strong and this will pass.

Sadly, I can’t change my core. “I am proud of who I am.”

My family and friends are not as strong as I am…seeing them cry over altered photographs truly breaks my heart and affects me deeply,” Nikhonanisa Mafhungo said. That you are not planting something that might negatively impact me with this image and modified images. I urge everyone to quit embarrassing me respectfully. “I don’t have energy to block you all, I love you,” she stated before promoting her record.

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