Makhadzi talks about celebrity suicide: No one listens to us


Makhadzi talks about celebrity suicide: No one listens to us

Makhadzi is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the rising suicide rates among Mzansi celebrities. And her speech calls out celebrities and fans alike, in a very heartbreaking expose.
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The singer recently took to Facebook to talk about depression and cyberbullying. This came in response to the shocking news of the untimely death of rapper Riky Rick, allegedly from suicide.

She spoke about the difficulties that celebrities go through in their daily lives. According to her, celebrities live very lonely lives. They are afraid to talk to anyone. Those closest to them often betray them and use their deepest darkest secrets as fodder for clout chasing.

Meanwhile, fans also treat them like they are not human, gossiping about them and making fun of them in some truly mean and twisted ways. She said that fans often find things to joke about even when celebs talk about their struggles, forgetting that they are human too, and the mean comments get to them as well.

She finished by urging everyone to strive to do better. Other people’s lives should not be used as fodder for gossip and for making fun of them. We all go through ups and downs – it is the way of normal life – so nobody should be making fun of the other for struggling with something just because they were doing well only shortly before.

Riky’s death has been a huge shock to everybody in the country, and celebrities are taking it all particularly hard. Many of them knew him personally, and it seems like he had a huge impact on all of them. Almost every celebrity you can think of has changed their Twitter profile picture to an image of Riky, and the broken hearts have been all over social media for a whole day.

Award winning musician Big Zulu has done one of the sweetest tributes to Riky. He is working on a tribute song to the rapper, who was not only a huge talent in the industry, but also one of his personal friends.

Big Zulu took to Twitter to share a video of a preview of the new song. Mduduzi is featured on the song, in which they talk about him and what a great man he was.

He has urged everyone to give people their flowers while they are still alive. He says it is unfortunate that all people get when they are alive is a lot of hate and criticism, but as soon as they die, people want to celebrate them.

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