Makhadzi talks about her sleep with Mampintsha

Makhadzi talks about her sleep with Mampintsha

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Makhadzi is a South African well-known musician and dancer. She has been in the entertainment industry for a while now, but has only recently became bigger in the entertainment industry, where she is now known by everyone in the country, and also outside.

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Makhadzi has had her fair share of scandals, and she has managed to come out of it even stronger. She is one artist who is always busy, and she doesn’t respond to most of the things that people say about her.

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There has been two videos, on different occasions, where babes wodumo can be heard saying Makhadzi is sleeping with her man. Makhadzi didn’t respond to the first one, as BabesWodumo had come out to say it was just a publicity stunt. In both videos, she looks, and sounds intoxicated.

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Makhadzi took to her Twitter to say, by just looking at Mampintsha, she doesn’t think he can satisfy her. So by just saying that you already know she is saying she didn’t sleep with Mampintsha. Maybe BabesWodumo will come out to explain how it happened.