Makhadzi was attending the Anc gala dinner

Makhadzi was attending the Anc gala dinner

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The Limpopo-based artist has been the most talked-about woman in the country these days where she has left many people talking through the work that she does in the industry, and she has been doing a lot for herself lately after the good year that she has experienced on 2021.

Yesterday she has posted photos of her wearing the beautiful dress that has won the hearts of many people when she was attending the Anc gala dinner, which has got the attention of many people in the country because they are expecting a lot of things that can come out of it.

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Makhadzi is the national asset and everyone understands that the woman is leaving her dream because she gets bookings every day to come and perform.

Many artists have used this as an opportunity to come a provoke her so that they can be well recognized in the country.

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