Dundee July experience: Makhadzi will have to return the money

Dundee July experience: Makhadzi will have to return the money

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Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona popularly known as Makhadzi has been in the news headlines a lot lately and for all the bad reasons. The Limpopo-born singer is undoubtedly one of the most booked artists in South Africa with a fan base that keeps growing and growing daily. Makhadzi is now someone who is recognized internationally for her exceptional talent and stage presence.

The organizing staff of 2022’s Dundee July experience has received the shorthand of Makhadzi’s growing fame. The team is in the middle of drama after Makhadzi was a no-show at their set after being paid… It is said that fans ended up angry and throwing eggs on the stage after Makhadzi decided not to show up. The team has shared through Maphepha Ndaba an Instagram blogger that they want to be reimbursed.

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Makhadzi Muimbi is said to have been paid R50 000 rand to show up on the Dundee July experience together with other celebrities. After blue ticking the show, the organizers sent her an invoice wanting to be refunded back. The artist has not made any comment in regards to the matter yet. However, Makhdzi is on a tour in Canada at the moment which she has been advertising on her pages. On the 16th she was performing in Toronto and will be in Ottawa on the 23rd.

This is a horse race that takes place in July every year organized by an organization of the same name. The event last took place in 2019 due to the Covid pandemic has been on hold for two years. However this year the Ministry of Sports announced that the event is back. The lineup of celebrity guest performances was long including Sjava, Ami Faku, Diamond and Dolls cast, and many others. The event was the highlight of this past weekend as many people bought tickets.

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Fans all over social media have been adding their two cents to Makhadzi’s no-show. Some are saying that her management team is poor planning her downfall as they booked two shows on one day.

This is not the first time Makhadzi has been in the news for not showing up for a performance in the past two months. This leads more fans to conclude that, fame is now getting to her head and even threaten to cancel her if this behavior continues.

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