Makhadzi’s dancer reveals his biggest secrets


Makhadzi’s dancer reveals his biggest secrets

Makhadzi’s dancer Limpopo Boy Bujwa stunned by a lady who wrote his name on her artificial nails. Bujwa is a dancer from Limpopo province and he dances for the Limpopo Queen of dance music Makhadzi. He is one of the best dancers in mzansi that is why many people adore him.
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He took to Facebook with a picture of a lady’s hand. The hand had long artificial nails written Limpopo Boy on them. Bujwa was stunned by what the lady did and he didn’t know what to caption it. It’s some kind of appreciation. The anonymous lady who wrote Limpopo Boy on her nails is trying to show some love and appreciation to the dancer
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Bujwa is trying to find out who is this anonymous lady , but his fans think it could be a secret admirer or someone who is obsessed with Limpopo Boy Bujwa. Inno Matijane who admires Bujwa was mentioned in the post as people thought they could be his nails but he did not respond. See what fans are saying about his secret admirer


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