Makhadzi’s fans surprise her with cash while performing on stage

Makhadzi’s fans surprise her with cash while performing on stage

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Makhadzi seems to be doing well in her music career, she has been doing gigs after gigs with many fans adoring her performances. And one fan of the singer decided to get on the stage and shower her with paper money. According to her social media post, she alleges that she was showered with a lump sum of R10,000 on stage by the fan.

Below is a screenshot is taken from the video whereby as they dance on the stage, this one fan appeared from the corner of the video and started showering the singer with paper money, he must really admire and adore the singer’s performances.

Makhadzi returned home with money, and this comes after performing at a show. If you’re doing good, people will show you that you are doing good.

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The singer never hesitated to take to social media to express gratitude what’s the fan, she revealed that a young man stepped out to spray her with R10,000 while she was performing on stage to a large crowd.

It means on this day she got the performance fee, then a bonus from this young man of R10,000. What a wonderful poorness she got on this day.

“So today I was blessed with 10k on stage, your love is too much,” she captioned the video on social media.

To watch the video, at the bottom of this article desa blue link on the source, don’t look for a link, just click on that blue words, that’s the link to this video it will take you directly to the video and you can watch it as the young man showers the singer with a man on stage.

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The singer alleges that the love she received from South Africa and around the world amazed her, and further said that she doesn’t take it for granted.

Just a few weeks ago she was in Namibia where she was shown some love, besides the pictures that were not good about her, but she thanked the cameraman for her bad work on them, then she was in our neighboring country Botswana, where she opened up and thanked them for the love and support they showed her.

That’s why she took to social media to even think about this young man who blessed her with the 10K blocks.