Makhosi Shelembe returns to her husband

Makhosi Shelembe returns to her husband

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It seems like all the outrage was in vain after Makhosi known as MaShelembe reveals that she won’t be leaving her husband Bhekisisa Langa.

After all the efforts made by South Africans to try and get her out of that toxic situation following the heartbreaking episode on Mnakwethu, MaShelembe declares she will never leave the father of her children. Isolezwe had an interview with the pregnant Makhosi in which she mentioned that she will leave her marital home for the duration of her pregnancy so she can heal but she will return when she feels better.

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This is disappointing considering all the great things Good Samaritans did for her. She was offered jobs, wardrobe makeovers and some even donated cash to her only for her to go back to her husband. Some even organized her a national baby shower where people donated gifts for her unborn baby. Clearly, she will share all her donations with her husband since she mentioned on the show that he doesn’t support her financially and expects her to bring food to the table. Indeed there is nothing you can say or do to a woman who is blinded by love.