Malawi has stopped Zodwa WaBantu from performing at a show

Malawi has stopped Zodwa WaBantu from performing at a show

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Celebrity entertainer Zodwa Wabantu is well known for her provocative and steamy club performances, and while most may find her dance moves quite intriguing and interesting, some have been quite vocal on the fact that she does not in any way set a perfect example for the youth as it gives off the impression that it is rather okay to casually perform such in public.

In most of her performances, Zodwa is usually half-naked or rather dressed in revealing clothes while dancing provocatively for men, even though South Africa has no rules and law against such acts, it is safe to say that certain countries uphold different sets of standards than we do and what we may deem as “entertaining” other countries may deem as unnecessary and deteriorating.

Zodwa was recently booked to perform in Blantyre, however, due to the nature of her performances the minister of Tourism, Culture and wildlife has released a statement basically prohibiting Zodwa from entering the country during the time when the event is taking place or rather being hosted.

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South Africans have further expressed a sense of dissatisfaction as they feel that when the management team booked Zodwa, they knew exactly what the nature of her performance was, however, they went ahead and booked her.

Now the Minister’s decision to prohibit and/or ban her is causing an unnecessary stir.

Is it not such a shame that just because we are rather okay with Zodwa’s performances we expect the rest of the continent to be okay with same, forgetting that we do not uphold the same underlying values?

We cannot honestly expect other countries to welcome Zodwa and not question the nature of her performances, while some South African have resorted to comparing this the Minister’s decision to a xenophic act, we need to come into terms with the truth and be honest with ourselves. We would find it rather weird if strippers were to casually roam the streets performing, but we think that Zodwa doing almost the same thing is okay?

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