Malusi Gigaba to spill the tea on Norma Gigaba

Malusi Gigaba to spill the tea on Norma Gigaba

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SA politician and former Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, are going to be breaking his silence on AKA’s show The Braai Show With AKA following his ex-wife Norma Gigaba’s explosive interview on eNCA. Norma spilled the beans on Malusi Gigaba’s dealings with the Gupta family, his porn, and their legal battle.

The Braai Show with AKA will air the episode with the previous minister this Thursday 24 December at 19:30 on SABC 1. Announcing the show’s latest episode, AKA said Malusi is one among sharpest minds he has ever met, suggesting that it’ll be an explosive interview.

“This Thursday tune into @mzansi_fosho at 19:30 as we grill (you see what I did there) one among the sharpest minds I’ve ever had on #TheBraaiShowWithAKA …Don’t miss it!!!”

In the clip he shared, one can tell that it’s getting to be a really heated conversation between the 2 as Malusi speaks about his youth as a college student who first fell crazy with politics. Then AKA delves deeper into the conversation when he touched on the infamous sex video Malusi leaked. The politician said he was worried about his family which he wanted to guard them but unfortunately he couldn’t.

“I was worried about my family which is what i attempted to guard but unfortunately this is often politics.”

Malusi also talked about the foremost challenging position he was ever in and he said it’s to be when he was minister of Finance. “I think the foremost challenging was the Minister of Finance because i used to be the foremost hated there.”

Norma Gigaba need to the crux of the dealings her ex-husband engaged in and left no stones unturned. First of all, she opened about Malusi’s leaked video where he was twiddling with his genitals. Norma said the video wasn’t meant for her as Malusi had stated before.
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“That wasn’t my video. Like, I don’t want to lie. I even have never imagined something like that in my mouth so it had been not on behalf of me . So I don’t know who it had been for. I don’t even know if he knows who he sent it to because there are tons of these . they’re his videos, they’re not mine.”

Norma also shocked everyone when he revealed that his estranged ex-husband is hooked in to porn. “He features a problem of porn addiction because he’s always watching porn, and sometimes for him, it is a fantasy,” she said.

She said Malusi likes to be special and he even got angry when his blue lights were withdrawn after resigning as a minister. Norma said she doesn’t believe that Malusi’s life is under threat because he’s rarely together with his securities and denied that she wants to kill him.
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Reacting to the interview, Malusi said he won’t be commenting about it calling it a “Moja Love Audition.”

“To Whom it’s going to Concern. Please note that I shall not be commenting on any aspect of the Moja Love TV audition which can be airing on eNCA at 18h00, tonight. My energy is exclusively reserved for my fight with the askaris who are the de facto puppet masters. #LongLiveTheAnc!” he wrote.

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