Did mam Sonto just say it’s not easy to love Pretty? Her own daughter

Did mam Sonto just say it’s not easy to love Pretty? Her own daughter

mam Sonto just say it's not easy to love Pretty

Gomora: The reason Sonto hates Pretty is so painful, and it’s heartbreaking.

After wondering and making assumptions about why Sonto hates Pretty such a lot, Gomora fans were heartbroken once they discovered the reality .

Viewers have watched Sonto make it clear Thati is her favorite daughter, and that they are wondering why Pretty’s mere existence seems to irritate Sonto. All this albeit Pretty is that the one who has been there for Sonto through the ups and downs.

Their suspicions that there must be hidden issues were validated when Sonto made Thati the only beneficiary of her wealth.

Instead of sharing her assets between her two daughters, Sonto cut Pretty out of her will and refused to elucidate why, except to mention “Pretty is weak”.

After multiple confrontations and attempts to rearrange family meetings, Sonto finally spilled the beans on Thursday.

As it turns it, Pretty is suffering for the deeds of her father. Sonto can’t stand her because she seems to like her father, laughs like her father, and apparently also eats like her father. Sonto hates Pretty’s father with a passion and has transferred those feelings towards an undeserving Pretty,

Viewers were shaken and honestly heartbroken for Pretty. especially when Sonto said: “Yes, Pretty, it’s tough to like you!”

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source: twitter/timeslive