Mama Jackie Vele Vele statement is controversial honestly

Mama Jackie Vele Vele statement is controversial honestly

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Convicted murderer Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye is seen at the Protea Magistrate’s Court in Soweto on Friday, 13 September 2013 where he applied for another bail application. This was Maarohanye’s third appeal for bail since his conviction last October.
In December last year, Maarohanye and his co-accused Themba Tshabalala were each sentenced to 25 years in jail.
The two were each sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for murder and four years imprisonment for attempted murder.
For use of drugs, driving under the influence of drugs, and racing on a public road, they got a year for each count, to run concurrently.
They were drag-racing in Protea North on March 8, 2010, when they crashed into a group of schoolboys. Prince Mohube, Mlungisi Cwayi, Andile Mthombeni, and Phomello Masemola were killed. Frank Mlambo and Fumani Mushwana were left permanently brain damaged. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

Mama Jackie, Jub Jub’s mother, was recently dragged into the controversy surrounding her son and the rape allegations leveled against him by multiple women. Now, she has come forth with her side of the story, to strongly defend her son.

A voice note has emerged that is allegedly of Jacqueline Maarohanye, aka Mama Jackie speaking up about Amanda Du Pont. In the audio clip, she says that the Skeem Saam actress once called her to tell her she was pregnant with twins. She further says that Amanda cannot turn around now and call it rape when she and Jub Jub were together for two years.

“Why did you not open a case?” she poses to Amanda in the audio. She also demands to know what happened to the twins that Amanda was allegedly pregnant with. Further she is asking why Amanda did not even report to her parents that she was being assaulted if that’s what it was.

She is also addressing Masechaba Ndlovu’s allegations that Jub Jub raped her in Mama Jackie’s house. In a challenge posed to Masechaba, she has promised to publish pictures of her house as it looked back then if Masechaba can correctly describe the location in which she says the assault happened.

Tweeps are reeling from this latest development, as Mzansi has split down the middle as to what it means for the case going forward. As it stands, Jub Jub will be bringing the law to Amanda and Masechaba’s doors, with a demand letter asking them to retract their public statements.

Some tweeps are applauding Mama Jackie for standing up for her son, and saying that it is exactly what any mother should do. They believe she has the right to do it, especially since she was also implicated as an accomplice in her son’s alleged crimes.

Others are distancing the two issues and think it is both wrong and dumb for Mama Jackie to come out with such a statement. They believe there is so much parents don’t know about their children, and it is embarrassing for her to be so vocal when she doesn’t know the full truth either.

At the moment, it is unclear whether Mama Jackie will be pursuing any further legal action like her son is doing, especially since she was named by Masechaba and others as an accomplice and an abuser. What’s for sure, is that this is not the last we will be hearing from her and her son.