Bad News: Big numbers for Mamba & Gorbachev exit on Scandal

Bad News: Big numbers for Mamba & Gorbachev exit on Scandal


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Mamba had two children and their mother passed on however he then Married a gold digger, called violet. She was after Mamba’s money because she never loved her even at the first time but Mamba didn’t notice that until he finds out that his wife is cheating with one of the workers and he told them that one has to die between the two.

when there were fighting for a gun one of them was shot who was violent because she was leaving scandal because of her character, violent never loved her character on scandal she had said that the character portrays her as a bad person and a person who hate peoples who don’t want to think of others, she furthermore said that when I auditioned for this character’s I was not aware that it would reach like this that is why I had decided to leave scandal.

However Mamba has found himself with his daughter whom he didn’t know that she was his daughter, she then mend her heart and forgive him for not being a good father,

Scandal-fired bro duo Simo Magwaza who plays (Mamba) and Khulu skenjana(Gorbachev) is set to exit the show. The two who have been of late enjoying the same forbidden fruits of Boniswa have been confirmed to be the next to see the exit door as the scandal is on rebranding Mission.

Earlier this year scandal has announced new players who will be acting in the next few months.

Social Media Reacted in shock to the news and expressed how the two had become a permanent fixture of the show. Some shared sentiments that the duo’s story line had become redundant and boring

kgopolo had then confirmed again that the two are exiting scandal today,

More than 5,4 million viewers turned in to watch the death of the two Characters on the soapie