Mamlambo and Zekhethelo still give us free lessons in Uzalo.

Mamlambo and Zekhethelo still give us free lessons in Uzalo.

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Uzalo is one of the most criticized shows in South Africa but yet many people are still watching and they are not just enjoying it; they are also taking life lessons as they say, “we learn until we die.”
I was catching up on a show this week after going through people’s comments on social media. What caught my senses is what happened between Mamlambo who is portrayed by Gugu Gumede and Zekhethelo who is portrayed by Nyaleng Thibedi.

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Zekhethelo is a child who was raised by a man who is not her biological father. Yes, he is not a good person but he surely loves her and to him, she will always be his daughter. Zekhethelo wanted to get married without his blessings which is being ungrateful according to my judgment but I am not on about that.

Let us forget about what she did to Nkunzi and focus on what she did to Mamlambo, the woman who took her in and treated her like her own daughter when she had no one. Mamlambo had to cross so many boundaries for her happiness and to see her succeed. Zekhethelo surely did feel like she had a mother in her but when Mamlambo tried playing another motherhood role on Zekhethelo, she pushed her away and made her feel unimportant in her life just because she had things going well in her love life.

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When she discovered that Mamlambo has been right all along, she went back to ask for reconciliation but what she forgot is that Mamlambo was never her mother in the first place and she might not take the chance of investing her feelings in the same person once again.

I took this as a lesson that when someone unrelated to you stretches his or her hand towards you, never look down on them when things seem to be going well for you because you will never earn their trust again. They are not your biological parents and you have not connected in any way so that little bond that you will be having is very much easier to break.

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Zekhethelo might be your favorite character but I want us to look at it the way it was meant to be looked at. The pride that grew within this lady made her look down on people who were there when she had no one. She treated them like elders when she was down but looked at them like they are nothing when she was up.

I really feel like we need to take a page from the book that these two characters have written. Maybe one day we will find ourselves in the same situations and we will know what to do by then.