Mampintsha chooses Babes over his mom!

Mampintsha chooses Babes over his mom!
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Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo are creating headlines this past week, and whereas it should’ve been for all the proper reasons a number of the press was unhealthy.

Following the couple’s ancient wedding, that saw variety of ZAlebs present, Mampintsha’s Mother pitched battle Gumede born some bombshells within the variety of a video self-addressed to Babes Wodumo and her family.

Amongst several of the insults she hurled at her relative-in-law and therefore the Simelanes, pitched battle Gumede referred to as the musician a cheat World Health Organization has been faking her pregnancies. She aforementioned that the Gqom’ Queen isn’t extremely pregnant, claiming that her baby bump is nothing however sponges.

In response to those claims, Babes Wodumo hit back with the words “I am pregnant, whether or not she likes it or not.” The ‘eLamont’ creator additionally created it renowned that she’s going to be suing the pants off her in-law for publically shaming her and her family.
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“I am progressing to press charges against her for undignified American state publicly and for swearing at American state. i do not perceive why she is dragging my name within the mud,” Babes aforementioned.

In all of this mayhem, Mampintsha had unbroken mum till this past weekend once he threw shade at him mother. throughout the newlyweds’ date, the previous massive NUZ member announce an image of himself and his adult female with the caption “nomaka spontshi” that, once loosely translated suggests that “with sponge’s mother” – creating relevance pitched battle Gumede’s comment concerning Babes’ physiological condition.

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The West Ink boss went on to post another image, revealing that they’ll be emotional new music. you will not guess what the title of the song are… ‘makaSpontshi and cake kaspontshi.’ It’s pretty clear that the musician has determined to show this example around by creating lemons into fruit drink.