Mandy Hlongwane opened a case of bodily harm against SK Khoza Last Weekend

Mandy Hlongwane opened a case of bodily harm against SK Khoza Last Weekend

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No one is safe from heartbreak, not even our favorite celebrities. It’s great to fall in love, but our favorite celebrity couples keep proving that sometimes things end on salty terms. SK Khoza and Mandy Hlongwane are trending.

This comes after Mandy Hlongwane allegedly opened a case of assault against SK Khoza.

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Taking to Twitter, Tweeps reacted to the rumors. One Tweep said:” His baby mama did herself a favor by leaving this guy. He could learn a thing or two from his brother this, Abdul Khoza is one chilled, unbothered, private human being, and this one?, this one is just a loose cannon nje.”
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Another Tweep said:” It’s so disturbing, whatever that happens between them but not assaulting her.” It was previously reported that Mandy has also been spotted not wearing her engagement ring. The pair have also stopped posting pictures of each other on social media pages.

“Why is this guy still getting screen time? This is not his first run-in with the law,” said another Tweep. Responding to the Tweet, another user said:”I blame the some of viewers of that show because when he was kicked out the viewers did a whole noise saying he must come back. He the show is boring. Now, whenever he does something wrong he just apologizes and moves on.” Celebrities may be used to living their lives in the public eye, but their break up’s are more difficult because everyone is watching.