MaNgwabe is the only one who isn’t moved by Mseleku’s tears.


MaNgwabe is the only one who isn’t moved by Mseleku’s tears.

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Viewers seem to know what MaNgwabe really thinks about her marriage at this point and with every episode, they tend to see the “signs” somehow.

A lot of people are convinced that MaNgwabe is finding it hard to pretend that she is as committed as she once was, a lot of what happened on the latest episode is just another wave of the controversy.
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You will most likely remember that there were people who believed that she was done with the marriage, she wanted out, but MaNgwabe mentioned something about having a baby, and the perception kind of changed.

However, people seem to have changed their minds once again, there are people who are admitting that they see things a whole lot different now. So, what happened on the latest episode of the show might not be taken that seriously and maybe it is not as serious as some people think it is.

But, viewers claim that they got to see that MaNgwabe gets annoyed by certain things. They strongly believe that she is just not interested in things that have to do with the marriage stuff and the coming together of the family.

But then again, if one takes a closer look at MaNgwabe, she is actually far from being the person that some people describe her as. People are giving their own analysis and that is totally fine because they are the ones who get to watch and see everything play out.

Now, there was a birthday celebration going on for Musa and when it was time for speeches, one could tell that the mood changed, Musa even cried at some point. The wives showed their husband that they appreciate him for what he has done for the family and that clearly meant a lot to him.

So, as Musa was crying, three of the wives were also crying and this was probably more of a reminder to them that they have gone through a lot with Musa.

As for MaNgwabe, things seemed a whole lot different, she was just looking at the other wives as they were crying. She was not really that moved and it is actually hard to tell what was going through her mind when she saw Musa crying.

To a lot of viewers, she seemed like she did not care, MaNgwabe had mentioned that the birthday celebration is what brought them together.
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Maybe, she did not really like the fact that they were all in one place, that was an opportunity for them to get together, something that never really happens that often.

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