Marang Molosiwa has found herself having to defend her marriage

Marang Molosiwa has found herself having to defend her marriage

Newly-wed Marang Molosiwa has found herself having to defend her marriage after only a few weeks into her union. This comes after a troll had a few things to say about the age gap between her and Dipsy Selolwane.

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“Congratulations Dipsy and Marang don’t worry after 10 years you’ll appear as if you the firstborn of the family yet you the husband ke gopola nako yao ghora ko national stadium against South Africa Marang ale ko Creche !!!!

According to Wikipedia, her hubby is 43 years old whilst Marang is only 29 years old. Not moved by the hate Marang proved that age is just a number and they are just a pair that is head over heels in love when she responded to the hater “Yoh! The age gap chat is played out hey! No matter how you spin it.” What a clap back!

Dipsy is a former soccer star who has played for various football teams including the University of Pretoria. The lovebirds have been in a relationship for several years now.

On 09 April 2021, they got hitched in a private wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony was attended by close friends and families. In a post on Instagram, Marang’s hubby shared images of them looking like a dream in their wedding outfits with the caption, “09.04.2021 ???So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate’ Matthew 19:6. Modimo ke oo!.”

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In a post yesterday Marang shared a picture of her dressed in her beautiful wedding gown which perfectly showed off her sexy body and said the snap was taken at her late grandparent’s house when she went to honor them.

“This image was shot at my late grandparents’ home in Serowe, in front of their bedroom window. So many wonderful memories here. We lost my grandmother 8 months ago so it was important to us to honor and celebrate this day with them in spirit. I hope you’re proud Mme le Ntate,” captioned her post.

About a year ago the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter together Nami who has social media’s favorite child. Recently she celebrated her 1st birthday and her parents took to social media to celebrate her special day. In an Instagram post that commemorated the day, Marang stated, “29/09/2019 at 17:59 we welcomed this angel girl of ours!” She posted. “It’s been a whole year since we were blessed with our beautiful Nami and we count those blessings every day. NamNam is the happiest baby we know, ever laughing, ever-smiling. An absolute joy!”