Lillian Dube: Mary Twala lived her whole life sick and suffering.


Lillian Dube: Mary Twala lived her whole life sick and suffering.


Lillian Dube has respected Mary Twala, after the veteran entertainer’s passing on Saturday, saying her dear companion had battled a decent battle and is at last settled.

Mary passed on Saturday morning at Netcare Park Lane Hospital in Johannesburg. She was 80 years of age.

The star had battled with her wellbeing for a while and addressing TshisaLIVE, Ma Lillian said she was soothed that her companion was no longer in torment.

“She had completed her race, she was drained at this point. I am happy she has now discovered help.

“Her passing was not a stun to me, she had been wiped out for an extremely significant time-frame yet was a warrior. She was loaded up with inspiration, despite the fact that she was in torment, she wouldn’t let it get to her. When Somizi tossed her 79th birthday celebration at Maslow, as of now she was truly debilitated. She wouldn’t yield however, she was exceptionally solid.”

Mama Lillian recollected the last time she saw Mary, in clinic a while prior.

“It was January and we chuckled and talked and cried. Despite the fact that she was in clinic, she was kidding. I called her again during lockdown and she disclosed to me she was well yet missing Somizi.”

Lillian applauded her companion’s polished skill, saying she adored her specialty with her entire existence. Away from the screens, she would miss her sympathy and thoughtfulness.

“She was so unassuming and cherishing. What truly intrigued me was that she remained by Somizi, in any event, when individuals were taunting him and discussing his sexuality. A few people would hole up behind their religion yet she remained by him. She cherished her child, she adored every one of her youngsters, and was so glad for every one of them. She would guard them with all that she had.

“I will miss her fellowship. I am so fortunate to have had a companion where we didn’t contend or analyze. It was about adoration and regard. She was so cherishing.”

She kidded that on the off chance that she had one final second with Ma Mary, she would reveal to her that she would miss her however not to come “get” her.

“I would advise her to find happiness in the hereafter however don’t call me. Try not to come bring me, I likewise need to live to 80 years of age.”

Mfundi Vundla likewise paid tribute to Mary, disclosing to TshisaLIVE that she was a pioneer who might consistently be recollected.

“Mary was an extraordinary pioneer of the business and I had a great deal of regard for her. She had faith in the way of life and followed up on it, with little help from government and any other person. She had sheer coarseness and made an achievement she had always wanted. She helped make this industry what it is today and she must be regarded for that.”